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The price of translation from Russian or into Russian depends on the type of translation and the urgency. It is also determined by the scope, complexity and subject matter of the text to be translated. All translations from Russian or into Russian are performed by professional and experienced translators with expertise in the subject matter. The cost of translation includes project coordination, translation using translation software, proofreading and final quality check. We optimize the cost of translation accordingly, ensuring that the price is as profitable as possible. We have a flexible discount system for large orders and contractual prices for our constant clients. To get a quotation, send your request to info@everest-center.com or submit it using the form below.

alt за замовчуванням Why choose EVEREST
Russian and Ukrainian are cognate languages, historically, the Russian language is the second native for a large part of Ukrainians. Many of us do not perceive it as a foreign language, so translation from Ukrainian into Russian and vice versa appears to be an extra work and a waste of time. Probably only a translation agency can see how much such translations are in demand and that they are not as simple as it may seem. Yes, we know Russian well, and Ukrainian is the native language for most of us. But what do we mean by saying "well"? And are we fluent in our native language? These are, in fact, rhetorical questions. In both cases, the answer is obvious. Our command of both Russian and Ukrainian is quite poor, given that the spoken language and correct literary language are not the same things. We fail to notice that we use dialectal words, jargonisms or just the mixture of Ukrainian and Russian. We may not be able to perform the correct translation by ourselves, however, we may not even notice it. We always talk like this and don't even realize that we're making mistakes. Moreover, every philologist knows that it is more difficult to study a cognate language than a more distant one. Therefore, the profession of translator of the Russian language is quite popular. And among translations from and into Russian, the following types can be distinguished: technical, legal, web site translation and translation of personal documents.

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