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The price of translation from German or into German depends on the type of translation and the urgency. It is also determined by the scope, complexity and subject matter of the text to be translated. All translations from German or into German are performed by professional and experienced translators with expertise in the subject matter. The cost of translation includes project coordination, translation using translation software, proofreading and final quality check. We optimize the cost of translation accordingly, ensuring that the price is as profitable as possible. We have a flexible discount system for large orders and contractual prices for our constant clients. To get a quotation, send your request to info@everest-center.com or submit it using the form below.

alt за замовчуванням Why choose EVEREST
Translations from and into German are probably in close proximity on the second place by popularity. Germany and Austria are popular countries among students and applicants. Education abroad is one of the reasons of translations into German. Higher education institutions of Germany and Austria offer good, often free of charge options of education that attract Ukrainians. Also, customers often order translations into German with the purpose of leaving abroad for work, especially medical workers. Translations from German in most cases are related to operating manuals, specifications and technical passports to various devices and equipment - Germany is the country of high technologies. Legal translation from German is related to contracts, charters, court judgements, extracts from registers, etc. In each case a translator shall have good knowledge of specialized vocabulary both of the source and target languages. In addition, it is worth noting that German has such peculiarity as polysemy of words and overloading of texts with cumbersome constructions, passive voice and participle constructions. This is what makes difference between the Ukrainian and German languages, therefore, the art of translation involves rephrasing of the translation without losing the content. That is why, professional translation is so important and it is possible only if we are talking about the experienced translator.

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