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The price of translation from Polish or into Polish depends on the type of translation and the urgency. It is also determined by the scope, complexity and subject matter of the text to be translated. All translations from Polish or into Polish are performed by professional and experienced translators with expertise in the subject matter. The cost of translation includes project coordination, translation using translation software, proofreading and final quality check. We optimize the cost of translation accordingly, ensuring that the price is as profitable as possible. We have a flexible discount system for large orders and contractual prices for our constant clients. To get a quotation, send your request to info@everest-center.com or submit it using the form below.

alt за замовчуванням Why choose EVEREST
Ukraine and Poland are neighbors, and relations between the countries are developing at both private and official levels. Ukrainians and Poles visit each other, do the shopping, go on vacation or excursions, work and study in each others' countries. With our "semi-open" borders, these processes still require to translate different documents for various purposes. We translate the following documents into Polish: passports, certificates of study and employment, CVs, powers of attorney for a car, birth, marriage, dissolution of marriage, death certificates, court decisions, school leaving certificates and diplomas with supplements, medical certificates and vaccination records, employment record books, etc. Our Polish translators are qualified and experienced. Translations into the Polish language are often accompanied by notarial certification. In special cases, it is necessary to apostille educational documents. Often this is still not enough, and at the request of our clients, we perform certified translations of their documents. Such translation is done by a special translator, a Polish citizen, who is entered in the list of sworn translators of the Ministry of Justice of Poland.

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