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alt за замовчуванням Why choose Interpreting by EVEREST Lviv

Interpreting as a type of activity requires not only perfect command of native and foreign languages, but also such personal qualities of an interpreter as excellent memory, quick response, diplomacy and psychological resilience. The profession of an interpreter is associated with significant emotional and psychological stress, so interpreting is valued above written translation and is paid by the hour. The most popular type of interpreting is consecutive interpreting. This is the interpretation of individual utterances immediately after they are finished, that is, after the speaker. The second type of interpreting is simultaneous interpreting – in parallel with the speaker and simultaneously with the utterance itself.

Situations requiring interpreting:

  • online and offline negotiations;
  • international phone calls;
  • interpreting at exhibitions;
  • briefings, conferences, presentations, receptions, festivities;
  • seminars, meetings, business events;
  • interpreting and participation of a simultaneous interpreter in court sessions and signing notarized documents;

Peculiarities of interpreting

Interpreters, unlike translators, are deprived of the opportunity to use dictionaries and textbooks, their professional tools are only their memory, intellect and voice. The purpose of interpreting is to convey the exact content of the dialogue, clarity and effective communication of information to both sides of the dialogue. When interpreting, the interpreter may miss phrases that do not carry a semantic load.

Why us?

We offer only trusted translators with more than 3 years of experience.
We are responsible for the services provided.
In case of emergency, we will quickly find another translator. We can help you arrange the installation of interpreting equipment.

Please note

Want to order interpreting services in Lviv?

You should take care of it in advance. You need to leave a request with the details of the event and the type of interpreting you need at least 3 days before starting work. The cost of interpreting services and payment terms:

Minimum order
If necessary, provide text materials on the topic of the event.

To confirm the order, pay the equivalent of 50% of its cost the day before the event.

Interpreting services in Ukraine

If the interpreter has to come to you from another city, we consider this order as a business trip within Ukraine. Travel expenses are added to the cost of interpreting services.

If you urgently need interpreting services, you can be sure that we will do our best to help you.

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