alt за замовчуванням Localization in Lviv

Get the best translation quality for:

  • applications
  • software
  • web sites
  • CRM
  • terms and conditions of web site use

alt за замовчуванням We perform large, complex and urgent translations for business

alt за замовчуванням
On time
Creation and use of glossaries (terminology bases) of IT terms and modern CAT tools ensures optimum quality, consistency within the project and 17% faster order fulfillment.
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Certified translators
All translations are performed by professional translators with extensive experience in IT translations, language proficiency and expertise in the relevant subject matter.
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Translation and layout
We have technical capabilities to translate texts of any format. All structural elements of the original document, such as tables, graphs, formulas, drawings, signatures, as well as format characteristics, such as font, spacing, margins, indentation are preserved in the translated target document.
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Personal manager
Personal manager is always in touch, aware of the project's progress and ready to answer any questions regarding medical translation.
alt за замовчуванням When translating and localizing web sites translators at the Translation Agency EVEREST take into account::
  • keyword selection;
  • translation of text content;
  • proofreading by native speakers;
  • text adaptation;
  • translation of hidden elements on the web site;
  • translation of the page interface;
  • translation of contextual advertising;
  • language support for the web site.

alt за замовчуванням Free of charge for you

alt за замовчуванням
Certification of translation by the signature of a translator and the agency stamp
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Free delivery within Ukraine for orders over UAH 500
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Additional copy of translation
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Translation of text containing up to 900 characters for free

To assess the quality of translations performed by our translators you can order a test translation for free.

alt за замовчуванням Why choose localization by EVEREST Lviv
Translation of websites is a very complex and diversified task. Website is one of the most important advertising tools of any business. Localization elements are present almost in any translation, and translation of website cannot be done without it in any case. Localization means that the translated website shall be adapted to culture patterns of the country or even separate region. For example, this is related to designation of date or time, or units of measurement. Equally important is behaviour of users in language environment. The translator will have a task of using his/her philological, psychological and geopolitical knowledge, take into consideration narrowly specialized vocabulary, since each website is also thematical. At the same time, he/she shall take into account any specific requirements of the Internet: texts shall be understood quickly, organically and easily. Various aspects of search engine optimization shall be added thereto. They require corresponding translation of notions for search systems to be able to find the website also in the target language. It is much easier to translate the website from English into Ukrainian, than to translate the website into English. In the latter case, translator will have to plunge into the English-speaking environment, and in complex situations - to consult a native speaker.

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