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The price of translation from Greek or into Greek depends on the type of translation and the urgency. It is also determined by the scope, complexity and subject matter of the text to be translated. All translations from Greek or into Greek are performed by professional and experienced translators with expertise in the subject matter. The cost of translation includes project coordination, translation using translation software, proofreading and final quality check. We optimize the cost of translation accordingly, ensuring that the price is as profitable as possible. We have a flexible discount system for large orders and contractual prices for our constant clients. To get a quotation, send your request to info@everest-center.com or submit it using the form below.

alt за замовчуванням Why choose EVEREST
What do we know about the Greek language? The official language of Greece and Cyprus, the source of borrowings for other European languages, including Ukrainian. Many words that we use in our everyday life are of Greek origin. We also know that the Greek language gave us the Cyrillic alphabet, and the Greek alphabet itself is somewhat different and is actively used in mathematics and chemistry. When we think of the Greek language, the first thing that comes to mind are the translations from the ancient Greek language of such authors as Homer, Virgil, and Ovid. In most cases, the translation agency receives personal, legal and medical documents for translation from and into Greek.

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