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Get the best translation quality for:

  • technical documents
  • operation instructions and manuals
  • patents
  • research and technical articles
  • operational technical manuals
  • rules of operation and storage
  • safety regulations

alt за замовчуванням We perform large, complex and urgent translations for business

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On time
Creation and use of glossaries (terminology bases) of technical terms and modern CAT tools ensures optimum quality, consistency within the project and 17% faster order fulfillment.
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Certified translators
All translations are performed by professional translators with extensive experience in technical translations, language proficiency and expertise in the relevant subject matter.
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Translation and layout
We have technical capabilities to translate texts of any format. All structural elements of the original document, such as tables, graphs, formulas, drawings, signatures, as well as format characteristics, such as font, spacing, margins, indentation are preserved in the translated target document.
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Personal manager
Personal manager is always in touch, aware of the project's progress and ready to answer any questions regarding technical translation.
alt за замовчуванням When translating technical documents translators at the Translation Agency EVEREST take into account:
  • equipment markings;
  • translation or transliteration of abbreviations;
  • transfer of numerical data;
  • differences in systems of measurement;
  • use of graphic editors (Photoshop, Compas, CorelDRAW).

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Certification of translation by the signature of a translator and the agency stamp
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Free delivery within Ukraine for orders over UAH 500
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Additional copy of translation
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Translation of text containing up to 900 characters for free

To assess the quality of translations performed by our translators you can order a test translation for free.

alt за замовчуванням Why choose technical translation by EVEREST

Technical translation

Technical translation is a specific type of activity that involves combination of seemingly incompatible skills, such as philology and technical sciences. Specifications, innovative developments, user manuals and patents from various fields raging from agriculture to aviation require translation.

Науково-технічний переклад

In 90% these are inventions and state of the art equipment, operating principle of which is not fully understood even by the professional, not to mention a technical translator. In addition, the vocabulary describing equipment details and units consists of neologisms that are usually incomprehensible to the native speakers as well. So, even surrounding themselves with books, technical translators stand little chance of successful translation of such text.

Here, examination of diagrams and drawings, comparison with the similar details on the Internet, consultations with professionals in the corresponding fields, and last but not the least, experience and comprehensive general knowledge come to help. Translators working with technical texts on a regular basis without hesitation may be invited as consultants for installation and setup of new equipment.

We have over five years of experience, and during this time we have translated thousands of documents and texts in all areas. They include, among others: instruction manuals, patents, guidelines, tender documents, cost estimates, drawings, etc. All these documents are rich in scientific and technical terms. They reflect the state-of-the-art science and technology, describe the latest developments and innovative inventions. Our technical translators are always updated with the latest advancements and developments in the field of science and technology. This knowledge in turn helps translators to use subject specific terminologies for accurate and reliable technical translation.

Technical translation requires a high level of subject knowledge, accuracy, clarity and mastery of the relevant terminology. Thus, we employ only professional translators, editors, project managers and consultants with the expertise in the relevant subjects. We use our best efforts to meet standard deadlines, although it often takes 30-50% more time to translate a technical text than it does to translate a simple general text.

Одним з частих недоліків таких текстів, з яким ми стикалися вже неодноразово, є, як це не дивно звучить той факт, що англійська мова є занадто поширена у світі. Як це відображається на перекладах? Ми отримуємо для перекладу англомовний текст, в процесі перекладу якого виявляється, що насправді це не оригінал, а переклад різного ступеня якості, часто навіть не вичитаний машинний переклад. Робота перекладача перетворюється на каторгу: доводиться не просто здогадуватися, що мав на увазі автор перекладу, обираючи те чи інше слово. Часто ми, дізнавшись вихідну мову тексту, залучаємо також перекладача цієї мови до роботи над проектом, а кресленнями користуємося в посиленому режимі, оскільки лише вони є джерелом надійної інформації. Результатом такої роботи можемо пишатися: зазвичай переклад перевершує «оригінал»!

Особливості технічного перекладу:

• вузька технічна термінологія • неологізми • багатозначна лексика • неоригінальний вихідний текст • особлива структура текстів • насиченість схемами, планами, кресленнями, таблицями та графіками

In most cases, clients order translation of technical documents from English, German, Italian and Polish.

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