alt за замовчуванням Simultaneous Interpreting in Vinnytsia

alt за замовчуванням

We will arrange simultaneous interpreting for

  • international scientific conferences;
  • meetings and sessions with representatives of different countries;
  • various radio and TV programs;
  • seminars and lectures attended by participants from different countries.

We interpret at important events
with a large number of participants!

alt за замовчуванням
Equipment rental
Servicing of events, installation and removal of equipment
alt за замовчуванням
Dress code for interpreters
Business attire and impeccable manners
alt за замовчуванням
Certified translators
Professional translators with extensive experience
For simultaneous interpreting, EVEREST takes into account:
  • Subject of interpreting
  • Materials provided beforehand
  • Location of the event
  • Workload for interpreters

The price of simultaneous interpreting services includes:

alt за замовчуванням
Commercial offer calculation
We will calculate it individually for you!
alt за замовчуванням
Technical support Work of technicians throughout the event!
Work of technicians throughout the event!
alt за замовчуванням
Free delivery
We deliver equipment for free within Lviv!
Why choose Simultaneous Interpreting by EVEREST Vinnytsia
Variety of interpretation is simultaneous interpretation - interpretation performed simultaneously and synchronously with the utterance. Simultaneous interpretation is the most needed when uninterrupted interaction and transfer of information are crucial, namely: at international scientific conferences, at meetings and sessions attended by representatives from different countries; at various radio- and television shows; at seminars and lectures attended by audience members from different countries. Simultaneous interpretation requires high concentration of attention, ability to listen, remeber and translate the utterance simultaneously while being only several words behind the speaker. Work of simultaneous interpreter, apart from excellent knowledge of the target and source languages, requires extensive general knowledge, tact, ability to cope with stress, and especially, immediate reaction. Due to serious work load that results in rapid fatigue, simultaneous interpretation is usually performed by two interpreters. The interpreters usually work in tandem with time intervals from 20 to 30 minutes. Simultaneous interpretation includes not only language services of an interpreter, but rental and preparation of the equipment for simultaneous interpretation as well. This and additional thematically-linguistic preparation of an interpreter require some time which should be taken into account during the order. Quality simultaneous interpretation is possible provided that the service was ordered 5 days before the start of the event, and all materials and relevant information were provided to the interpreter for review. Simultaneous interpreting includes not only linguistic interpreting services, but also rental and preparation of equipment for simultaneous interpreting. This, as well as additional thematic and linguistic preparation of an interpreter, requires certain time, which must be taken into account when placing an order. High-quality simultaneous interpreting is possible if the service is ordered 5 days before the event, as well as if the interpreter is provided with materials and related information for review.

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