alt за замовчуванням Consecutive Interpreting Vinnytsia

alt за замовчуванням

Events requiring consecutive interpreting:

  • business negotiation;
  • installation and adjustment of equipment;
  • presentations, briefings, receptions;
  • press conferences, seminars, trainings;
  • exhibitions and concerts;
  • accompaniment on business trips, excursions;
  • court sessions, interrogations.

We interpret at important events in Lviv
with a large number of participants!

alt за замовчуванням
Equipment rental
Servicing of events, installation and removal of equipment
alt за замовчуванням
Dress code for interpreters
Business attire and impeccable manners
alt за замовчуванням
Certified translators
Professional translators with extensive experience
For consecutive interpreting, EVEREST takes into account:
  • Subject of interpreting
  • Materials provided beforehand
  • Location of the event
  • Workload for interpreters

The price of consecutive interpreting services in Lviv  includes:

alt за замовчуванням
Commercial offer calculation
We will calculate it individually for you!
alt за замовчуванням
Technical support Work of technicians throughout the event!
Work of technicians throughout the event!
alt за замовчуванням
Free delivery
We deliver equipment for free within Lviv!
Why choose Consecutive Interpreting by EVEREST Vinnytsia
The most popular type of interpreting is consecutive interpreting. This is the interpretation of individual utterances immediately after they are finished, that is, after the speaker. During consecutive interpreting, the speaker makes logical pauses in the speech, giving the interpreter the opportunity to interpret what has been said into a foreign language. Usually, consecutive interpreting is used when there is a small number of participants in the event. This interpreting is used in negotiations, round tables, briefings, seminars, presentations, trainings, exhibitions, concerts, and excursions. Consecutive interpreting requires not only good command of the source and target languages, but also such qualities as excellent memory, including attention to detail, quick response, resilience, diplomacy, ingenuity and tact.

Be confident in the success of your business - "EVEREST" translation agency Vinnitsa.

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